Leveraging The Past, Present & Future

Leveraging The Past, Present & Future

by Steven D. Huff

Perhaps you’ve heard about the avid golfer who never really developed a skill for the game. One of his many poorly made shots landed in a sand trap right on top of a big ant hill. Thousands of ants scurried everywhere. Nevertheless, the golfer had to play the ball where it lay. Distracted by the ants, he got ready, swung and missed the ball completely sending hundreds of ants flying through the air. Flustered, he swung and missed again and several hundred more ants died. At that point one ant shouted to another, “If were going to get out of this place alive, we’d better get on the ball!”

In all of our efforts to “get on the ball” and really prepare for success, rarely do we utilize every resource at our disposal. Among the least utilized resources at our disposal is the ability we have to leverage our past, present and future. All three are important to our development and success. Here are some lessons for leveraging the past, present and future:

Learn From The Past But Don’t Live In The Past

Many people make the mistake of living in the past. The either revel in past successes or wallow in past mistakes. In either case, you lose momentum for all your current endeavors. We can learn from what we’ve done well in the past and the good memories serve as an on-going reward for past achievements. Just remember, ourbest days are ahead, not behind us.

There are also lessons to learn from past mistakes or failures. Unfortunately, some people live with guilt or disappointment over issues that should long be forgotten. Don’t let situations of the past drain your energy and creativity. It has been rightly noted, “Your past will either be a stumbling block or a stepping stone to your future.” The choice is yours.

Hope For The Future But Don’t Make Your Home In The Future

Just as some make the mistake of living in the past, others choose to live in the future. Their favorite saying is: “Someday this... and Someday that...” Many spend their whole career dreaming about what will be or what could be that they lose momentum for their current endeavors. Remember, dreams and goals for the future are essential for success but only if you translate them into present actions.

Charles Kettering once said, “We should all be concerned about the future because we will have to spend the rest of our lives there.” So remember, the way you view your future determines your thinking today; your thinking today determines your performance today; and your performance today determines your future.

Capitalize On The Present But Don’t Be Confined To The Present

Someone once said, “While you are dreaming of the future or regretting the past, the present, which is all you have, slips from you and is gone.” But the truth is, without a vision for the future we live aimlessly. Without the lessons of the past we are destined to make the same mistakes again. Without the hard work of today, we’ll never advance at all. Leverage all three and you’re on your way to success!

Steven D. Huff is a Telly Award winning Video Producer and Commercial Photographer with experience producing promotional videos, commercials, event videos, drone video and a wide range of award winning photography including business headshots, events and more. Our Charlotte Video Production and Photography firm, Steve Huff Media along with Steve Huff Photo, serves the North and South Carolina areas. You can find us at SteveHuffMedia.com or call 704-572-1901.​

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Working with Steve over the past year has paid big dividends for our local tourism industry. Not only does he understand our vision, we consider him to be an extension of our team, which speaks volumes to his commitment to client satisfaction.  Steve’s photo and video expertise always delivers great content that generates excitement for our tourism offerings.

— Michael Applegate, CDME, Gaston County Director of Travel & Tourism

Steve Huff Media provides Video Production Services, Editing Services and  Commercial Photography Services based in the Charlotte, North Carolina region and in the following Counties of North and South Carolina: Mecklenburg | Gaston | Union | Cabarrus | Iredell | Lincoln | Catawba | Cleveland | Burke | Caldwell | Wilkes | Alexander | McDowell | Rutherford | Buncombe | Haywood.  With focus in the following cities and towns: Charlotte, Matthews, Indian Trail, Belmont, Cherryville, Gastonia, Mt. Holly, Bessemer City, Kings Mountain, Concord, Monroe.