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Architectural photography requires careful planning, lighting and the technical sense to catpure a building's form, function and style.  We research time of day lighting conditions, traffic and other issues that will impact the final result.  Finally, we use specialized post production techniques to create the best images. 


Architectural photography can be highly technical, but also highly intuitive at the same time. We seek to produce a sense of the presence and space of a building's environment as well as its form and function. Sometimes multiple visits at different times of the day may be required to fully understand how a building interacts with its environment.  Any necessary lighting, styling, and image capture techniques from the remarkably simple to the more complex may be utilized.  The key to success depends more on setting up a shot, rather than the time actually capturing the images.  Steve Huff Media is committed to meeting the objectives of our clients and achieving the highest quality images.

We can handle projects from simple single facility shoots to multiple locations, buildings and times of day.  Check out a small sample of our work below including skyline shots, single building exteriors, architectural features, renovations and interiors.  When you're ready to talk about with us about your project, use the link to get more information or to request a quote!

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