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In addition to Video and Photography services, we can also help you with these additional services:

Video Production Charlotte


Editing videos can be a daunting task, which entails skill, practice, and the right knowledge to make a video that is artistic and professional. A top-notch video helps depict information in the most captivating way, imprinting a lasting impression in the minds of the audience, and helping to strengthen brand image.  Some people choose to handle the Video recording and ‘capturing the moment’ themselves but prefer a professional to handle the editing.  We can help! 

We edit from the full suite of Adobe Creative Cloud software so we can handle the edit, audio correction, color correction, add voice over, music and ensure a proper render to meet your needs.



Steve Huff Media creates engaging motion graphics experiences. Powerful stories come to life with a combination of graphics, animation and live-action footage. Whether it’s enhancing presentations with rich animations, big-screen cinematic conference openers, or just a highly informative video, Steve Huff Media can create full-motion content that fully engages audiences.  In addition to motion graphics, we can handle the most advanced special effects.  When you’re ready for more information or a free no-obligation quote, please click the link below.



The Gaston County Sports Venue Guide, produced by Steve Huff Media, is an example of a fast moving video with live action video footage, still photography set in motion, professional motion graphics and kinetic text.



This holiday promotional video combines a series of b-roll type live action footage as insets into a CGI animated graphics background, with animated text and themed elements in foreground to add a sense of depth.  Produced by Steve Huff Media.



This Special Effect sample was created from an aerial video shot of downtown Charlotte, North Carolina.  All of the smoke, fire, building damage and othe destructive elements we composited into the scene using Adobe After Effects and some other specialty software.  The composite and special effects work was done by Steve Huff based on a process learned from Andrew Kramer, an effects artist for numerous Hollywood films.  Feel free to watch it full screen to see the full quality of the effects work.

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