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Our process starts with your needs.  Everyone recognizes the power of video but it can only be effective if done right.  When we focus on what you need, the project has the best possible chance of success.  The best videos tell stories that move people and create an emotional response.  We will help you figure out what you need so we can work with you to achieve your goals.

Video is used for many different reasons and in many different ways.  Our clients all have different needs, audiences and desired outcomes.  For a video to work, you need to start by considering what you want it to do. You will probably want those who view your video to act or think differently. Who is your audience, where will they watch the video and how would you describe the outcome you need?  At Steve Huff Media, we put your audience and your objectives at the heart of everything we do. We listen, we understand and then deliver results driven videos in any form and on any subject.



We help you make a plan for your video including audience and shooting.


We shoot your video and capture the audio and visuals you'll need.


We editing, format and render your video so it can be seen by your audience.

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This is the planning stage of the project.  We can  meet with you in person, by telephone call or video chat to discuss your goals and objectives for the video project.  This process will help you clarify the audience you want to reach, the message you want to convey and the response you desire from your audience. 


Once you've determined these important objectives, we can determine the best audio and visuals elements to effectively tell your story and reach your audience.  We will make a production plan that outlines the time, gear and other resources needed to get the project done.  Together, we will examine options for the project, including: filming interviews, using voice over narration, shooting b-roll, still images, motion graphics, special effects, music and more.   Your budget will provide a framework for the level of production and best approach to successfully complete the project.


This stage of the project is where we actually shoot the video footage and images needed for your project.  Steve Huff Media can shoot on location at your office, facility or any other location you deem necessary for telling your story in video.  We use only industry leading professional cameras and support gear.  We have camera dollies, computer controlled sliders, tripods, camera cranes, car mount rigs, drones and more.  Our full range of pro rigs allow Steve Huff Media to capture just the right shots for your production.  We also have a full range of professional lighting and audio equipment.

Steve Huff Media can meet your video production needs whether you need a simple one-man, one camera shoot or a sophisticated multi-camera, creative production set up.  Our award winning Charlotte Video Production team has the equipment and experience to handle your production with the expertise to deliver high quality results.


The final stage in the process is post production.  This is where we combine the video footage, still images, graphics, logos, narration and music to create the final production.  The post production process involves tightly editing the elements so the video story flows and moves along in a compelling way that achieves your objectives.  In this step, we will color correct all of the footage and images so the video will pop off the screen and convey a high-production value quality.  We will also master all of the spoken audio levels and combine them with appropriate music. 


The team at Steve Huff Media can incorporate your logo and graphics, create graphics from scratch and we own an extensive library of stock graphics for use in the productions we do.  We also have the ability to create highly professional motion graphics of the quality you see on television every day.  Finally, we render and output your video in a format appropriate to your needs for sharing the video with your intended audience.

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